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You spend your whole life chasing the buck of a lifetime…….. 

  What is it worth to find that perfect location after spotting Mr. Majestic? 

What is it worth to have the cover you need

 to be able to move in on Mr. Majestic?

It's worth Jack!  A "Tree Jack” provides the easiest, fastest way to brush in your ground blind, 

or you can simply use it as a stand alone brush blind.

With a "Tree Jack”, you can move in and create  that "perfect location”, 

regardless of the natural vegetation present. Yeah, it's worth it!


Our # 1 BEST SELLER! The "Hanger" Model


Quick Cover with the "Single" Model



Easy "Single" Setup

1-Insert screw and secure.

2-Insert foliage and tighten.

3-Index in direction needed.

"Tree Jacked" blind.

This is using 3 cedar trees to brush in this blind. It takes about 3-5 minutes to brush in your blind if you have your brush of choice cut and ready. Now there's no need to worry 

about the wind, rain or snow blowing the cover off your blind. You can also setup different locations using the Tree Jack and take your hunting blind down and move

 from one location to the next. We used the Houdini Model for this photo but the S. Model would work as well.